Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Holiday Break Recap

BD and I had Christmas Eve through New Year's Day off from work, so we had a nice long holiday break to enjoy.

We all had new Christmas jammies to wear on Christmas Eve so we took some family pictures in front of the tree.

We tried to get one of the whole family including Kip but with a 6 month old and a dog, this is the best we could do.

On Christmas morning we woke up and discovered that Santa had visited our house overnight! At our house Santa leaves out a few unwrapped gifts under the tree and puts gifts in the stockings. We spent some time checking out the gifts Santa left for MC, then we made and ate monkey bread.

After her morning nap, MC unwrapped gifts from Mommy and Daddy and from her extended family. (BD and I don't get each other individual gifts; we buy a bigger item that we both want. This year we bought roman shades for our bedroom windows and a TV for the kitchen.)

MC really enjoyed eating the wrapping paper unwrapping gifts.

After everything was unwrapped, we spent some time eating more wrapping paper playing with her new toys.


She must've been on Santa's nice list this year because she got a boatload of new toys and clothes! 

And Kip was on Santa's nice list too - he got two new squeaky toys!

After Christmas was over, we spent the next week just enjoying some downtime as a family. We took MC to another Carolina basketball game.

We went out for lunch, where MC eyed BD's delicious-looking onion rings. It is much easier to go out for lunch these days instead of supper because of MC's early bedtime, so we went out for lunch several days. 

We bundled up and went walking with Kip.

And spent a lot of time playing with all of her new toys.
BD worked on a couple of house projects - he painted the dining room (again). This time it's a blue-gray color and looks much better than the brown we painted back in the spring. He also hung some wooden blinds and took down all the Christmas decorations.

Those were the highlights of our holiday break! Now it's back to the real world of work and daycare.

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House of Sykes said...

She is so cute!! Glad to see you guys still including Kip in your family even though you now have a human child too!