Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Favorite Baby Things: 4-6 Months

Continuing our list of favorite baby things, this time for the not-quite-newborn stage...

Check out our 0-3 Month list. We are still using a bunch of the things off that list, but here are some things that we began using during the 4-6 month time frame.

During MC's 4-6 months, the weather started getting chilly as fall turned into winter, so we had to find something warmer for her to sleep in than just a onesie. Our favorite jammie is the Footed Stretchie from The Children's Place. The most important feature (to me) is a zipper. We don't change MC's diaper in the middle of the night very often anymore but the zipper is still way more convenient than trying to snap up a million snaps. Plus the snaps are gappy and let in cold air! Several brands have zipper sleepers but the ones from TCP have a little elastic on the back of the heel to keep the footie part in place. 

Once MC could roll over, we stopped swaddling her and switched to a Halo Sleepsack. This is basically just like a blanket that zips on her and goes over her shoulders, so it keeps her warm but can't drift up and cover her mouth/face. The two we have are fleece, but they also come in a lighter-weight cotton. There are also models that have "wings" on them so it's a combination swaddle and sleepsack. I think that would be perfect for a winter newborn. [Side note for bargain shoppers: I have seen a lot of these at consignment stores, and BRU often runs them BoGo 50%.]

Another way we are keeping MC warm is baby leg warmers. We use these along with long-sleeve onesies on chilly days. They are super cute, obviously, but also functional because they have elastic on both ends so they stay in place better than pants as she plays on the floor, and they don't have to be removed to change a diaper. 

When MC was very young, I liked the Baby B'jorn to carry her around. But once she got a little bigger and the weather cooled off, I started using the Baby K'Tan wrap. It is similar to the Moby and other wraps of that nature, but I found the K'Tan to be easier to use. Right now she loves the side-carry position; it holds her on my hip just like I am carrying her but leaves both of my hands free.

We chose the OXO Tot Sprout high chair for MC for several reasons: it has no fabric and is therefore easy to clean; it is smaller than most high chairs on the market; and it's not hideous. We have used this high chair almost everyday since we received it. She loves that it puts her up closer to the middle of the action in the kitchen instead of having to watch everything from the floor. She hasn't done much actual eating from this chair but she will happily play with her toys while we eat or cook. 

The toys I mentioned in the 0-3 month list are still in heavy rotation, but we've also added a few new ones to her stash. One of her favorite is a Taggies pup that I found at Target. I've heard that babies love the Taggies products, but we didn't have any for MC. I originally bought this because it is difficult to find dog stuff that isn't overly boyish. This was gender neutral, and it turns out she LOVES the taggies, so I guess the legend is true.

She also has a set of traditional Wooden blocks that she really loves. These are just the right size for her to hold in her hands (and not fit too far in her mouth). She loves to bang them on the high chair tray and fling them on the floor. I build towers out of them and she knocks it down.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seven Months Old!

Our sweet girl turned 7 months old! It's hard to believe that she's over halfway through her first year. She has certainly changed a lot from that little lump we brought home last summer! While all of her developments have been fun, we are particularly loving this current stage she is in right now.

January 12, 2013

This month has been a month of movement. Last month she was sitting on her own and fairly stable but not mobile; over the course of the month she learned to scoot backwards, go from scooting to a sitting position, and, on the day we took these pictures, she started crawling!

She is not very quick yet but if she spies something she's interested in, she can get herself to it. If I get down on the floor and call her she will crawl over to me, and she's even pulled herself up to a standing position using my hands! I think taking her monthly bear picture is going to get a lot more challenging now - a bunch of the pictures from this month look like this:

The other big change this month was starting at a local daycare center. BD and I were pretty anxious about the transition; she has never stayed with anyone other than the two of us, and she can be slow to warm up to new people. We took it really slowly to give her lots of time to adjust to her new environment. The first three days, BD or I went and stayed with her. Last week she stayed a few days on her own and seemed to do great so that was a huge relief. Of course, she's already been sick from being exposed to all the germs which is a little heartbreaking for me, but hopefully her immune system will strengthen, and she won't catch every bug.

She has also gotten more interested in Kip this month, and I'm sure that curiousity will only increase now that she's more mobile. He is still way too quick for her to catch him, but she zeroes in on him whenever she sees him. We point and say, "That's our Kip!" and she'll turn her head to look for him. Kip is still not too sure about her, but he will let her pet the fur on his back. We tell her "gentle, gentle" and "flat hand" to try and teach her to not yank on his ears and tail or pull his fur. I know she's too young to understand right now, but hopefully it will sink in as she gets older. 

Seven Month Info

(unofficial, weighed at home)
15 lbs 3 oz

She's still not very excited about eating anything other than breastmilk right now. I do feed her a pureed solid about once a day, but I'd guess that less than a tablespoon actually makes it to her tummy. I let her play with the spoon, and I feed her off my finger. She still gets this look of semi-horror on her face whenever we try something new. It's like she still doesn't quite get it that she's supposed to swallow whatever is in her mouth. She kind of holds it in her mouth and looks at me like "what am I supposed to do now?" So far we've tried apples, bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. Next on my list is green beans -- I keep thinking that maybe I'm going to hit on something that she really likes. Otherwise, we still breastfeed about every 3 hours and once or twice during the night. She takes 5oz of expressed breastmilk from a bottle at daycare.

She is now sleeping nights in her crib!! Of course, we are sleeping upstairs with her, but that's more my issue than hers. We put her down around 7 (or before, depending on how she's napped during the day). Sometimes she sleeps soundly right away and we don't hear a peep out of her until midnight or later, and sometimes we have to go up and settle her several times before she sleeps soundly. She is usually awake for the day between 6-7am.

She is taking 3 naps a day. She goes to daycare in the mornings and that has put a bit of a kink in her nap routine. She does nap at daycare, but so far it's only been about 30-45min naps. When I pick her up around noon, she naps in the car again on the way home. And then she takes a long (2 hr) nap in the late afternoon.

She's still in all 6 month clothes with room to grow.

She is always babbling these days - lots of hard consonant sounds. Mostly 'M' sounds with some D, B, and K sounds mixed in on occasion.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, BD!

Happy 33rd Birthday, BD! Hope this year makes you as happy as you make us!

Hugs, Kisses, and Tail Wags from LA, MC, and Kip

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Holiday Break Recap

BD and I had Christmas Eve through New Year's Day off from work, so we had a nice long holiday break to enjoy.

We all had new Christmas jammies to wear on Christmas Eve so we took some family pictures in front of the tree.

We tried to get one of the whole family including Kip but with a 6 month old and a dog, this is the best we could do.

On Christmas morning we woke up and discovered that Santa had visited our house overnight! At our house Santa leaves out a few unwrapped gifts under the tree and puts gifts in the stockings. We spent some time checking out the gifts Santa left for MC, then we made and ate monkey bread.

After her morning nap, MC unwrapped gifts from Mommy and Daddy and from her extended family. (BD and I don't get each other individual gifts; we buy a bigger item that we both want. This year we bought roman shades for our bedroom windows and a TV for the kitchen.)

MC really enjoyed eating the wrapping paper unwrapping gifts.

After everything was unwrapped, we spent some time eating more wrapping paper playing with her new toys.


She must've been on Santa's nice list this year because she got a boatload of new toys and clothes! 

And Kip was on Santa's nice list too - he got two new squeaky toys!

After Christmas was over, we spent the next week just enjoying some downtime as a family. We took MC to another Carolina basketball game.

We went out for lunch, where MC eyed BD's delicious-looking onion rings. It is much easier to go out for lunch these days instead of supper because of MC's early bedtime, so we went out for lunch several days. 

We bundled up and went walking with Kip.

And spent a lot of time playing with all of her new toys.
BD worked on a couple of house projects - he painted the dining room (again). This time it's a blue-gray color and looks much better than the brown we painted back in the spring. He also hung some wooden blinds and took down all the Christmas decorations.

Those were the highlights of our holiday break! Now it's back to the real world of work and daycare.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Our little monkey would like to wish you a happy, healthy new year!

Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the internet to check in on us!