Thursday, December 6, 2012

Solid Foods

MC has been showing us a lot of signs that she was ready to start with solid foods, so even though she's not quite 6 months old yet we decided to give it a go and see what happened.

We started on a weekend morning since she is usually in a great mood in the mornings, and so we wouldn't be rushed. "Solid" foods is kind of a misleading term - to start out, the cereal is so diluted that it's basically breastmilk with a few specs of cereal in it.

She was very excited to be sitting in her high chair, patiently waiting as Daddy made her breakfast.

By the look on her face with the first couple of spoonfuls, she thought we were trying to torture her. But she eventually figured out that something yummy was getting in her mouth.

She only had the patience for a few minutes of this experiement, then she was trying to grab the spoon and tip over the bowl.

I'm pretty sure more got on her hands/bib/high chair tray than actually made it to her tummy, but she didn't really seem to care!

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