Monday, December 17, 2012

Six Months Old!

How is it possible that this little girl is 6 months old??! I feel like I'm writing the same thing each month -- mainly because it's true -- we just love her to pieces. Every month her personality shines a little brighter, and we fall more in love with her all over again. 

December 12, 2012

This month we celebrated her first Thanksgiving, had her first solid foods, and went to visit Santa. She did great with all three! Since having her first oatmeal cereal, she's tried bananas, applesauce, and sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes have been her favorite so far.

Last month she was sitting on her own but mostly in what BD calls her "silver back gorilla" pose (leaning forward supporting herself on her arms). Now she can sit unsupported and is fairly stable. If she starts to lean, her core muscles have gotten strong enough that she can straighten up and regain her balance without toppling over. Which means she can sit and have her hands free to play with her toys at the same time -- a thrilling discovery for her.

I started back to work part-time this month, and that has been a big change for us. The timing worked out just right so that for the rest of this month BD can stay home with her in the mornings while I work and then I'm back home with her in the afternoons. She'll start at a local daycare center in January. She is doing great at home with BD, and I'm sure she'll do great at daycare, too. So far the change has been way harder on me than on MC!

She is not crawling yet, but we are definitely starting to see the beginning signs of crawling. She will do a combination of rolling and scooting to get herself to a toy or some other interesting (usually off-limits) object. Recently when she's laying on her belly, she will draw her knees up under herself, but so far she hasn't figured out to push up with her hands to get herself on all fours.

And while we were taking pictures we also learned what happens when you pull too hard on Bear's necklace!

Six Month Info

(official measurements from Dr)
13 lbs 15.5 oz
25 1/8"

Feeding: Since I'm back at work part-time now, she's taking a bottle of expressed breast milk in the mornings. She has always done fine with a bottle, so we haven't had any problems with that. She still nurses on-demand all other times, usually around 5 times a day and twice during the night. We do a solid food once a day or so, when we have time and she's in a good mood; I want the solid food to be fun and interesting right now so we're pretty laid back about the whole thing.

Sleeping: It seems that we have never really recovered from the famous 4-month sleep regression. Every now and then we will get a 6 hour stretch of sleep from her (which is basically skipping one feeding) but it is much more common for her to wake several times during the night wanting to nurse. As you can imagine, this makes Mommy (and Daddy, too) tiiiiiiiired. I don't think she's truly hungry that often during the night, but it is so much easier and faster in the middle of the night to nurse her back to sleep. Although at this point by nursing her when she's not really hungry I'm just reinforcing the pattern of waking up. We have talked to the pediatrician and have some ideas to help us teach her to fall back asleep without nursing. (No, it's not cry-it-out!) She still naps 3x a day, with the middle nap being the shortest. This month she went from not letting BD put her to bed at all to preferring him over me! So he is thrilled and I get a little free time in the evenings - very nice for everyone!

Clothes: She is in all 6 month clothes now which still have some growing room in them.  However, the white onesie she's wearing in these pictures is 3 months, and it fit just fine! I just recently ordered her some 6-9 month jammies because they had a good sale, and she seems to grow out of the jammies (and they get the most wear) fastest. We've had some cold weather here recently, so we've pulled out some of her warmest clothes, and I must say...there is nothing cuter than a baby in a toboggan cap and mittens!

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