Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Beginning to Look...

a lot like Christmas around the LA & BD house! I had a cute little assistant decorator who was verrrry interested in the Christmas lights.

BD got the Christmas tree down from the attic and assembled it for me then MC and I did all the decorating. I am hoping to get a taller artificial tree for next year; the ceilings in this house are higher than the ones in our old house, so the tree looks a little short in here! This was the first time in several years that we've put up a tree, so it was fun to get out all of our ornaments that we haven't seen in a while.

I would love to be that person who has one of those decorator-magazine-type trees - where everything matches and there is a theme. But, alas...I am not. Most of our ornaments have sentimental value for various reasons. We collect a Christmas ornament on each vacation, so it's fun to pull them out and reminisce.

Our "Our First Christmas" ornament. This was a wedding gift from a family friend. I love how it has a metallic vintage look to it.

We bought this one on our honeymoon in Disney World. Our first married Christmas we only had these two ornaments on our tree! After almost 10 years, it is showing a little wear and tear from being stored in the attic.

This one is from one of our ski trips to Breckenridge; it is a car from the gondola line that had just opened in Breck that year.

This one is from our most recent vacation - Hilton Head Island from the summer of 2011.

Since this was my first year of decorating in this house, my goal was to not buy anything new - just use all of the stuff I had from our old house. I figured seeing this stuff out would help me get a feel for what other decorations I'd like for this house and then I could hit up the after Christmas sales and hopefully get some good deals on new decorations.

Our dining room table centerpiece:

I just used some red and white striped ribbon to hang some extra ornaments from the chandelier over the table.

These little metallic Christmas trees came from Pier One several years ago. And the Mickey and Minnie figurine is from the Jim Shore Disney Christmas collection. I started collecting these figurines several years ago. I never had anywhere to display them at our old house; I was excited to be able to get them all out this year and place them around this house.

Our Lenox Christmas dishes. We got these as wedding gifts - a set of dessert plates and mugs.

I have this little display on the console table in the foyer. Yes, those are frames with no pictures - just use your imagination. And another Jim Shore figurine.

MC's first Santa picture!! Displayed in -- what else? -- a Santa picture frame!! I would like to get a collection of Santa pictures over the years. We'll see if that actually happens! ;)

I couldn't ever get the mantle styled in a way that I was happy with this year, but I do have these Mickey and Minnie figures on the mantle. The ceilings in our family room are so high that I'm going to need something with a lot of visual impact to really look good up there. I'm not sure yet what that will be. But don't worry, we do have stockings hung (by the chimney with care), and yes, MC has her very own stocking! I always planned to cross stitch stockings but I've never found any patterns that I like. So ours are just the classic red/white stocking.

Our wall of Christmas cards from family and friends. Next year I'm hoping to do something a little more festive to display the cards, but at least this way they are up and we can enjoy everyone's smiling faces.

And now for the outside decorations! Outside decorations are really my favorite because that's what most people see. A view of our house from the street:

A few years ago our friends made this outdoor Christmas tree for us as a gift. I have my eye on a lighted red bow from Home Depot to go on the top; my fingers are crossed that it will be there for the after Christmas sales! And that's Kip beside the tree; we string him with lights and make him sit really still!

Our front door outlined with garland, lights, and outdoor ornaments. And that's my wreath that was new last year.

Here is the daytime view - not quite so lovely as the night view, but still festive.

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