Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Parade

A few weekends ago we took MC to see the Chapel Hill Holiday parade. We parked on campus and walked over to Franklin St and were able to get a good spot to view all the floats.

The parade is small and has a very "home grown" feel to it -- a little different than the parades we are used to seeing in Louisiana! There were several gymnastic teams and karate teams that walked along the route and did demonstrations, and then the adults walking behind them were handing out brochures about lessons and classes. I guess I was expecting more candy-throwing and less brochure-handing, LOL!

Several of the area middle school and high school bands performed along the parade route. I thought MC might be bothered by the noise, but she was unphased...even when the fire trucks with their sirens blaring came by at the end in front of Santa's sleigh.

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