Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MC's First Halloweeen

Today we celebrated MC's first Halloween! We opted for no costume this year; she's still just a bit too little for it since she can't sit up on her own yet.

Her grandparents sent this cute Halloween outfit, so in lieu of trick-or-treating, she and I went up to BD's office to show her off.

After we came home and had some lunch, I took her outside to get some pictures of her on her very first Halloween.

Halloween 2012
It was pretty chilly outside today, so I had to work quickly before she got cold.

She was in a great smiley mood, which always makes it easier when you're photographing solo.

I got several good shots before she started getting distracted by her surroundings.

And wanted to check out her co-stars. BD and I painted those pumpkins several years ago.

We headed inside to see if I could get any more good shots of her.

She was getting very wiggly and restless at this point, so I knew my window of opportunity was closing.

I managed to get her attention for a few more smiles.

And then it was over. She always makes it pretty obvious when she is d-o-n-e.

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Marta Kawalec said...

She's so cute! I want to hug her! :)