Monday, October 22, 2012

Bumper Crop of Fun - NC State Fair 2012

Last week we took MC to her first NC State Fair. BD and I love the fair and were excited to introduce MC to the fun. We skipped last year because I was newly pregnant and sick, so I was really looking forward to this year, and the fair did not disappoint!

We always start in the flower and garden area. It always provides plenty of good photo opportunities. BD was trying to coax a smile out of MC, but she was too busy taking in all the action to smile for the camera.

Next we head over to the agriculture exhibits to check out the enormous produce and the various livestock on display.

Then MC needed a snack so we found a shady spot to take a milk break. (Yes, BD is sitting/leaning on a tree limb.)


Once she was ready to get moving again, we headed over to the carousel to take her first ride. She wasn't quite sure what to think - it was a lot of music and movement at one time!

She was tuckered out after all the excitement, so BD and I grabbed some fair food - a fried candy bar for me, a country ham biscuit for him - and then we headed out.

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