Monday, September 17, 2012

Three Months Old!

Well, what can I say? Baby MC turned 3 months old, and we could not be more in love with this little girl. She lights up our world. I love spending the days with her, and BD rushes home from work in the evenings to see her. We just soak her in as much as possible.  
 September 12, 2012
She is growing and changing right before our very eyes. As BD said the other day, "She's no longer just a little lump!" This month she started laughing. At first I had to work really hard to get a giggle out of her, but today I've discovered that just a funny face or noise will make her laugh.

She will grab at her toys and pull them toward herself, with the goal of getting them in her mouth. She's successful about 25% of the time; the other times she either drops the toy or misses her mouth. She is getting pretty good at getting her hands on the toys but hasn't quite gotten the hang of the letting go - she'll have a toy clutched in her iron grip and start fussing until someone pries it out of her little fists.

 Her foot fascination continues this month but has advanced to her grabbing on to them. She's also started putting her hands in her mouth, and I'm sure her feet won't be far behind. She's started to blow bubbles and drool, especially when she is concentrating on something.

So far she is proving to be a slow riser in the mornings (like her mama!). We hang out in bed while BD gets dressed so he can spend some time with her before work. She nurses then plays for about an hour and then takes a catnap for an hour or so before she's ready to start her day.

Three Month Info

Stats: (weighed and measured at home)

Feeding: Nothing's changed on this front; we're still exclusively breastfeeding. I guess at her 4 month appointment we'll talk to the pediatrician about starting to introduce cereal or whatever it is you start with (I have no clue about the process of transitioning to solids). BFing is going so well for us that I'm not in any real hurry to introduce solids.

Sleeping: Her sleeping continues to be good.We usually get at least a six hour stretch of sleep, sometimes up to 8 hours! The only problem we have in the sleep department is getting her to sleep at night. She tends to have a meltdown in the evenings before bedtime. I've tried starting the bedtime routine (book, nurse, sing/rock) earlier but that hasn't helped so far. We have our fingers crossed that it's just a phase. She's still sleeping in the bassinet at nights. Today I started the process of getting her to nap in the Pack N Play, with the eventual goal of naps and night sleep in the PnP (in our room). I put her down 2x in the PnP and she woke up immediately both times. But the second time she did stay happily but awake for about 20 minutes. I considered that progress for today; we'll try again tomorrow.

Clothes: She is pretty much in all 0-3 month clothes now. We had a cool snap last week, and I discovered that we only had one pair of 0-3 month pants. I tried some of her newborn sized pants and they were capris! I'll have to get some bigger pants and some long sleeve onesies for her before the cool weather hits again.

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