Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Months Old!

Our little MC turned 2 months old on Sunday! This has been a really fun month, full of several exciting milestones.
August 12, 2012
She started smiling at us which has definitely been the most fun. I've only caught a few smiles on camera. When she really gets into it, she will crinkle up her whole face, and it will melt your heart.

She has also started "talking" to us - lots of 'ooooh' and 'ahhh' and happy screeching. She tracks objects with her eyes really well and just in the last few days has started to reach out and bat at her toys.

She has also started watching her feet; she does that especially when she's in the car seat, for some reason - I guess she sits at just the right angle that her feet catch her attention. She will look at one foot, wiggle it and then look at the other foot and wiggle it - back and forth over and over again.

Bright lights and ceiling fans still captivate her, but by far her current favorite thing to look at is my or BD's face. She will stare very intently at our faces for several minutes at a time. Usually if you look away and then make eye contact again she will give you a big grin and a squeal. It is very, very fun; I could just sit and look at her all day.

Her head and neck control is getting a lot better each day; she seems a lot sturdier and less floppy in general. We don't do a lot of tummy time but the last time I put her down on her tummy, she pushed herself up onto her forearms and craned her neck to see the TV. ('Friends' was on...that's my girl!)

Two Month Info

9lb 12oz
22" tall

We are still breastfeeding; she eats about every 3 hours during the day. We give her a bottle of expressed breastmilk about once every 3 days just to keep her used to the artificial nipple and to give BD a chance to feed her. So far she likes the Avent bottles best; they seem to be the slowest flowing and don't choke her.

We try to get her to sleep by around 9pm each night. As long as her tummy's full and she's swaddled, she generally goes to sleep pretty easily. Her first stretch of sleep is the longest - last night it was about 6.5 hours!! After the long initial stretch, she nurses and then is up again to nurse about every 2 hours. She starts off the night in her bassinet beside our bed. Sometimes after the first nursing I bring her to bed with us and sometimes I put her back in her bassinet and then bring her to bed after one of the subsequent nursing sessions.

Her napping during the day is still pretty unpredictable at this point. Most recently she has been taking several catnaps throughout the morning, then a longer afternoon nap (2 hours or so), then another catnap in the early evening.
She is wearing a mix of newborn and 0-3 month clothes. Currently she's right in between the two so the newborn is a smidge small and the 0-3 month is still a bit big on her.

One Month Photos


Fine For Now said...

She is soooooooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

Guys - OMGOODNESS!!! She looks fabulous! Love how you're tracking her growth with the bear too. She is really soemthing (with her beautiful smile)! So happy for you both!