Sunday, June 24, 2012

MC's First Pediatrician Visit

MC had her first visit to the pediatrician a couple days after her birth for a well-baby checkup.

She got weighed and we discovered that she had already gained back a few of the ounces she lost in the hospital -- way to go, MC!

She also got her temp checked and then the Dr came in and gave her a thorough exam - ears, eyes, nose, skin, etc - and then spent a while going over her hospital records and answering our questions. Everything looked great, and we go back again in a few days for her 2 week well-baby checkup.


Oskar Aarden said...

Looking good! It’s important that you monitor her health all the time, especially now that she’s adapting to the environment she’s living in. Babies oftentimes become ill because their immune system isn’t that strong yet. Congratulations on gaining more pounds, MC. :)

Chalice Lindgren said...

MC looks so adorable! I congratulate you for having a healthy baby! The first visit to a doctor is a milestone in a child’s life, and the results are usually treated as how the child will grow up. How are the visits to her doctor going so far? Just continue with what you are doing and I’m sure MC will continue to be a happy and healthy baby. =)

Chalice Lindgren