Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Like Daddy

MC likes to sleep with both of her arms above her head, just like her daddy!

We quickly discovered that she does *not* like to have her arms swaddled and will work to wriggle them free so she can put her hands near her face.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MC's First Pediatrician Visit

MC had her first visit to the pediatrician a couple days after her birth for a well-baby checkup.

She got weighed and we discovered that she had already gained back a few of the ounces she lost in the hospital -- way to go, MC!

She also got her temp checked and then the Dr came in and gave her a thorough exam - ears, eyes, nose, skin, etc - and then spent a while going over her hospital records and answering our questions. Everything looked great, and we go back again in a few days for her 2 week well-baby checkup.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MC's Birth Day

MC was born on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 after about 19 hours of labor -- including 3.5 hours of pushing. She had a little trouble breathing at first, but she quickly recovered and didn't require any intervention.

I was unmedicated throughout the entire labor and delivery - so to say I was happy to see her on the outside was a vast understatement.

After spending some kangaroo time with me and an initial breastfeeding session, she got a sponge bath and a hair wash for her little blonde baby mullet.

Once they moved us to the postpartum room, we started notifying people that she was here. And I finally got a snack; I hadn't had anything to eat in 24 hours so I was starving!

BD changed her first dirty diaper; in fact, he changed all of her diapers in the hospital. He went from never having changed a diaper to being an old pro in about 24 hours.

48 hours after her birth we were discharged from the hospital and took her home.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Today we celebrate BD for the father he already is and the one he will grow into.

 MC and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Happy 1st Father's Day, BD.  

Love and tail wags -- LA, MC, and Kip

Friday, June 15, 2012

Introducing Baby MC

Since Poppy Seed has now arrived, I figured I better change her blog pseudonym to something more appropriate. We've called her Poppy Seed for so long at this point that I think some people were convinced that we were really going to name her that.

In sticking with my ultra-creative scheme of using first and middle initials for pseudonyms, I'd like to introduce the newest member of our family, MC:

Not only is she finally here and really ours, but they let us actually bring her home from the hospital!

We've had her home for a little over 24 hours at this point, and things are going pretty well. She is nursing like a champ so far and is giving us a couple of 1.5-2 hour stretches of sleep at a time.

Kip is not quite sure what this new little creature is, but he knows she smells interesting and makes lots of noises! We can tell he's a little nervous but so far he follows right at our heels from room to room with her, and he's the first one to come running when she cries.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tales of the Tail: Stalker

Look closely in the window to see what he's stalking...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poppy Seed Update: She's Here!

June 12, 2012
7lbs 5oz

Mommy, Daddy, and Poppy Seed are all doing really well. More pictures and details to follow!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Party Dessert

I have already posted about this dessert before - Death by Chocolate. But in that post I made it in individual parfait glasses.

This dessert is also one of my favorites to make in a trifle bowl and take to parties.


It is so pretty that no one will believe you about how simple it really is to make. And it feeds a lot of people.

The layers are Devil's Food cake, chocolate pudding, cool whip, crumbled Heath bar. Repeat until bowl is full. I made my bottom layer too thick so it's not even, but it still tastes really good!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Waiting on Poppy Seed

As of the publishing of this post, Poppy Seed is 6 days overdue. Now, I know that the due date is just an estimate so "overdue" is a relative term, but when you've lived the last 10 months of your life with one date in mind and then that date passes and there's no baby, it's a little crazy-making.

Not to mention the fact that every single person you see says things like "You're *still* pregnant?!" or "Wasn't that baby due 3 days ago?!" or my personal favorite "When's that baby coming?!"

BD and I are committed to being patient and waiting her out*; I really really do not want to be induced if I can avoid it. So I'm trying to keep myself busy and occupied so I don't dwell on BabyBabyBaby 24x7.

I am still working my job from home so that takes up a big chunk of each day. Here are some of the things I've been doing with my downtime:


Pictured L to R: double batch of blueberry muffins with cinnamon crumb topping; strawberry cookies with cream cheese icing; chewy M&M sugar cookies. Not pictured: double batch of banana chocolate chip muffins and probably some other things I've already forgotten.

Laundry! All of it.

Writing! thank you notes for baby gifts:

Shopping! for Poppy Seed:

*We are obviously only waiting as long as it continues to be safe for her. We saw her on u/s on Thursday, and she's healthy and happy in there -- just a little too comfortable to come out yet. My OB continues to monitor her 2x week. We will induce at the end of next week if she hasn't arrived on her own before then.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Peanut Butter Banana Icebox Pie

This month's edition of Southern Living magazine had several 'icebox' pie recipes.

After looking through all of them, I decided to try out the Peanut Butter Banana Icebox Pie recipe. (The Strawberry-Pretzel one looked really good too, so be on the lookout for that one in the future!)

It has a cinnamon graham cracker/honey roasted peanut crust. The crust is the only part of this pie that you have to bake. If you used a pre-made graham cracker crust, you wouldn't even have to turn on the oven -- perfect for summer!

Then a layer of chocolate ganache (melted dark chocolate + whipping cream).

The chocolate ganache is topped with sliced bananas.

The 'peanut butter' part of the pie is similar in texture to a mousse and goes on top of the sliced bananas.  Peanut butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, vanilla, and brown sugar make up the mousse part.

I let this chill overnight before we sliced into it.

Totally worth the overnight wait! For photo purposes, I topped this one with more whipped cream, chopped pecans, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. We've also tried it without the extra toppings, and it is just as good!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Front Door Wreath

I bought a new summer wreath for our front door over Memorial Day weekend. I always love getting a new wreath (it doesn't take much to make me happy); it makes the whole front of the house so cheery.

I picked this one up from my favorite local place. (It is somewhat similar to a Hobby Lobby, if you are familiar with those.)

I liked the oblong shape of this wreath and the purple color.

While we were there, I also found an arrangement to sit on our dining room table. The dining room is very much still a work in progress. The furniture and the rug are new, but we are still looking for some artwork for the walls and a small-scale buffet or sideboard piece to go along the wall.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mississippi Mud Cake

I made Mississippi Mud Cake recently following this recipe.

It is a standard homemade chocolate cake, topped with mini marshmallows (toasted in the oven).

The toasted marshmallows are topped with a chocolate glaze, toasted pecans, and toasted coconut.

This cake was really best when it was warm from the oven, so we ended up putting it in the micro for a few seconds before we ate the leftovers -- the topping is best when it's gooey.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Celebrating Poppy Seed: Instant Library

Yesterday while BD was outside doing yard work, the FedEx truck pulled up and delivered a large, heavy box for us. BD's first question to me when he toted the box in was "What have you ordered this time??"

While generally a fair question for me, given my internet shopping hobby habit, this time I was not the culprit.

We opened the box to discover that Poppy Seed's Great Aunt Pam had coordinated the effort of having her extended family create an "Instant Library" for her.

The ginormous box was filled to the brim with children's books, all of which had been inscribed for Poppy Seed by the giver. 

We are beyond thrilled with such a unique and special gift for her!  

Sunday Stitches: ABCs

I recently finished another cross stitch project - The ABCs of Parenting. I have been working on this one since shortly after we found out I was pregnant, so this one has taken me a looooong time.

I don't have any in-progress pictures of this one; it was really boring while I just stitched in all the words. But I think once I got the color and the graphics added, it turned out pretty cute.

This is a Lizzie Kate design, stitched over two on 32ct lambswool linen with over dyed threads.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 39 Poppy Seed Update

How far along? Pictures taken at 39 weeks, 5 days.

Size of baby? My doctor is estimating 6.5 - 7lbs at delivery, unless I go to 41 or 42 weeks, then "all bets are off".

Weight gain/loss? +22 - I've been hovering here for the last couple of weeks. I'll be up a pound one week and then down a pound the next.

Maternity clothes? Yes. I had a hissy fit on Thursday about not having anything to wear - it's hot here and everything sticks to me. So I went to Target and bought 3 $10 maternity t's; I thought for sure buying maternity clothes 3 days before my due date would guarantee me to go into labor...but here I am, wearing one of those t's.

Stretch marks? Still none so far.

Sleep? Don't mind me and my glassy-eyed stare. My doctor says that most women say they actually sleep better after the baby comes. I'm pretty sure she just says that because she can see the hint of desperation in my eyes, but I'll take any little sliver of hope I can get.

Best moment this week? Yesterday was my last day of working in the office. Starting next week I'll work from home full-time until she arrives. I already wfh once or twice a week on a regular basis so it's not that new, but it will be nice to not have to be up and dressed in the mornings. And at least I won't have to deal with everyone asking the same questions over and over again. I know they mean well, but the "oh my goodness! you're still here!" comment gets old...FAST.  

Food cravings/aversions? No.

Gender? Girl.

Belly button in or out? A tiny bit out.

Movement? Yes.

What I miss? Same answer from last week - if it has to do with not being pregnant, I miss it.

What I'm looking forward to? I can't wait to see what she looks like.

How's Mommy feeling? Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

How's Daddy feeling? He's tired, too - tired of listening to me whine about not getting any sleep! LOL!

Milestones? Reaching official due date tomorrow! I have a feeling we won't see her sweet face until one day next week, but we do have something fun planned for tomorrow to celebrate the day anyway.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Checking Off the To-Do List: Stocking the Freezer

I had every intention of making and freezing some meals ahead of Poppy Seed's arrival, so that we wouldn't have to worry about dinner in the early days of having her home with us.

You know what they say about good intentions.

Luckily, I have a friend that owns a catering business, so I ordered some freezable meals from her (entree & side dish). Each of these are large enough to feed the two of us for several meals, so hopefully we are set for a while.

And our freezer is now full to the brim, so OH DARN there's no room for me to make anything myself...what a shame.