Friday, May 4, 2012

Celebrating Poppy Seed

We were lucky enough to have three baby showers to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our Poppy Seed.

The first one was hosted at my house by two of my close girlfriends. My mom and sister, and BD's mom and step-mom were all able to come up for this shower, so that made it really special. I invited a mix of personal friends and work friends, and we had a good turnout, with lots of great food and cute decorations.

Plus it was the first time we'd had a big group over to the new house so that kicked our butts in gear to finish some lingering projects. The house is definitely still a work in progress but we did get a few things marked off the to-do list in time for the shower.

BD and me and that "big" belly, being silly:

(pic taken at 30wks, 6days)

Mantel decorations and gifts table. We got a great mix of cute/girly and practical gifts for Poppy Seed.

The next shower was hosted by my Junior League girlfriends. This shower had a "Buttons and Bows" theme which was very cute! They had a hairbow/headband making station, so in addition to a bunch of great gifts, I went home with handmade hair accessories for her.


"Button" cupcakes:

Opening gifts:

 (pic taken at 34wks)

Our third shower was a work shower. BD and I work for the same company, so it was very fun to do a shower together.

(pic taken at 34wks, 4 days)

Gift table:

Since so many people were invited to this shower, they decided to do it potluck style. There was a ton of food!

It was really nice to have BD there to share some of the spotlight with me. He is much more outgoing than me and doesn't mind being the center of attention. So we had fun with him opening gifts and "pretending" to not know what it was, telling funny stories, etc.

He was really thrilled with these UNC onesies; he is planning big to take Poppy Seed to basketball games next season, so I am glad she will have the appropriate attire! 

Now we are down to the final few things that we still need for her, which is good because she'll be here in just a few short weeks!!

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