Friday, April 27, 2012

Conversations, Pregnancy Edition

Scene: in the kitchen, making BLTs for supper

LA: Is bacon real meat?
BD: Ummmm, I'm not sure I understand your question?
LA: Well, I just meant is it a cut of meat or is it processed meat, like hot dogs.
BD: Yeah. It's a cut of meat. It comes from a pig.
LA: So, there is a part of a pig called the bacon?
BD: You know what? I think Poppy Seed is going to be really smart. Because apparently you are giving her all your brains.

Scene: in the laundry room, folding a load of Poppy Seed's clothes

BD: WOW. We have a dryer-full of baby clothes.
LA: Yep.
BD: I mean, we're going to have a baby! Soon!
LA: Is this just now dawning on you?

Scene: driving home from the last prepared childbirth class

LA: I know they call it the 'miracle of birth' but I think it's a little bit of miracle and a whole lot of gross.

Scene: watching my belly jump and twitch from Poppy Seed's movement

BD: I think she's ready to come out. You just tell her she needs to stay put for a few more weeks!
LA: Poppy Seed, you have to stay put for a little longer.
Poppy Seed: *kick* *kick* *KICK*
BD: I think she heard you!

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Those are great!