Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tales of the Tail: When Mama Works from Home

On the days where Kip is home by himself for the majority of the day, I think there are many days were he sleeps all day in one or two spots. However, the days I work from home are a different story...

9:15am, snoozing tucked under the blanket

10:15am, outside enjoying the sunny day

11:15am, ready to come back inside

12:15pm, watching Mama eat lunch

1:15pm, time to go back outside!

2:15pm, afternoon siesta

4:15pm, watching the backyard for intruders squirrels.


House of Sykes said...

i just love that cute kip! he's like a big ol' baby!

Katie said...

This seems like a day that my Finley could get used too!