Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Stitches: Vintage

I learned my cross stitch obsession hobby from my mom. I can remember her sitting on the couch working on a project, with her magnifying glass hung around her neck and chewing on her tongue in concentration. I hope one day Poppy Seed has these same memories of me! (Ok...except maybe not the magnifying glass part...I paid a lot of money to have these eyes lasered down to 20/20!) 

As a result, there are several cross stitches at my parents' house that I remember from my childhood. I asked my mom to send me a couple of them for Poppy Seed.

These two hung in the kids' bathroom; my mom can't remember specifically when she made these.

They need to be cleaned and re-stretched but otherwise are in good shape. The colors (moss green/mauve) are a little 70s fabulous but I'm calling it "vintage".

I'm thinking of painting her bathroom a shade of green - not sure light or dark. Her bathroom doubles as a guest bathroom so I don't want it to be overly girlish/babyish.

The little girl one says "Just when I'm ready to start on my ears, that's the time my soap disappears! It jumps from my fingers slithers and slides, down to the end of the tub where it hides!"

The little boy one says "The way they scrub me in the tub, I think there's hardly any doubt! Sometimes they'll rub and rub and rub, until they simply rub me out!"

Mama made this bell pull for my nursery before I was born, and it hung in my room until I moved out for college. I was planning to have the fabric "skirt" on the edge and back replaced with something a little more modern, but BD wants me to leave it as-is.

It needs to be cleaned and pressed and then it will hang in her nursery, just like it hung in mine. Ahhhh...tradition, tradition! (sung in my best Tevye voice.)

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Handmade Mama said...

LA, I cross stitched A LOT growing up as well and have not done it in decades....I guess that scrapbooking and sewing have taken its place. I remember making ornaments for Christmas along with some of the ones that hung on a walls. What a sweet treat for your little girl to enjoy them as well!!!