Monday, February 20, 2012

Banana Pudding - Simple but Delicious

Lately I've been craving banana pudding. It seems more like a summer dessert -- but maybe it's just our mild winter having an effect on me.

The last time I made Banana Pudding Pie I made the pudding from scratch. This time I took the easy way out and just used a box mix.

I did "doctor" it up a bit - adding a can of sweetened condensed milk and cream cheese to the pudding mix.

One of the tricks to making banana pudding stay fresh longer is to use bananas that are juuuust beginning to ripen. You can also brush the banana slices with diluted lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown so quickly.

I was planning to use my trifle bowl and make several layers of cookie, banana, pudding, cool whip, but I couldn't find the trifle bowl. Of course, 3 minutes after I finished this one, I found it -- in a cabinet I swear I looked in earlier!

I folded half of the cool whip into the pudding mixture and used the other half to top the pudding.

Banana pudding is a "day 2" dessert for me; I like it better the next day when the cookies have softened up just a little.

I used reduced fat/lite versions for all ingredients except the cookies for this recipe.

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Family Travellers said...

Your pictures make your recipes all look so great. I'm going to have to give this recipe a try tomorrow. Best wishes through your pregnancy.