Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Stitches: Christmas Elves

Earlier in the fall, or I guess more like the end of summer, I completed my first ever Christmas cross stitch project.

This is a Bent Creek design, stitched on 18ct Natural Light Linen. I have never stitched on fabric as big as 18 count; I usually stitch on much smaller fabric -- between 28 and 32 count -- because I think it makes the stitches look neater and more precise.

The bigger fabric does give it a different look than anything else I've done, so I can appreciate it from that standpoint. But really I wish I had stitched it on smaller fabric. Ah and learn, I guess.

This piece is stitched with a mix of Weeks Dye Works over-dyed floss, metallics, and DMC thread. I had to use 6 strands (instead of the usual 2) to fill up the big holes in the fabric, so I went through a lot of thread - especially the greens.

I love that the elves have little jingle bells stitched onto the ends of their hats.

I still haven't had this one framed yet. I can't decide if I'm going to spend the money on framing or not, since it's not my favorite. I really like the design, so I'm tempted to restitch it on smaller fabric. I think that may push me over the edge into "crazy stitcher lady" territory, so I haven't gone there (yet).

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Holly said...

Very very cute! I really like it.