Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Poppy Seed

In case you missed our big announcement, click here.

Thank you for all your excitement and well wishes about our little Poppy Seed!

We found out we are expecting him/her on the same weekend that we closed on our new house. We were already planning to go out and celebrate the house; it turned out we had 2 things to celebrate! (Mostly we just sat and stared at each other and tried not to freak out.)

This is a picture from the day I got the positive test:

Why, yes...we do look a little overwhelmed in this picture! It was a big weekend for us, to say the least.

As the shock began to wear off, the morning all-day sickness began to set in around 6 weeks. I went to the Dr for a confirmation; although I was pretty confident I was either pregnant or had the world's worst stomach virus.

I survived on my own until around week 10, when I was so dehydrated that my lips and fingertips were peeling, and then I called in for reinforcement a.k.a. Zofran. And then the heavens opened and angels sang and I could actually eat (and keep down) real people food like an actual human, instead of the scrambled eggs and ginger ale that I had been living on for the last month.

I am in week 14 now, so bring on the good second trimester that everyone's been promising me! I am feeling much better overall, although I still have good days and bad days.

We have had fun telling our families; they are very excited and have sent us some cute gifts. This is the first grandbaby on BD's side.

In the last few weeks we've started telling our friends and co-workers. It has been nice to not have to pretend to be feeling great when all I really want to do is run for the bathroom. Luckily, I work with mostly men, and they were pretty clueless until I told them.

We did the first trimester screening last week, and it came back negative, so it seems we have a healthy, happy Poppy Seed growing in there! It was really neat to see the difference between the 8 week ultrasound and the 13 week ultrasound.

At 8 weeks, it basically looked like a little alien blob, and you kinda had to squint your eyes and use your imagination to see a baby. Last week at 13 weeks, we could see fingers and toes and waving arms and opening/closing mouth. It was very neat.

We'll do the anatomy scan in early January; as long as Poppy Seed cooperates, we'll find out (and share) the sex.


houndstooth said...

Congratulations on the Poppy Seed! It sounds like you have a lot to celebrate this year!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I just found out last weekend that I'm going to be an Aunt!

Thanks for stopping by our blog and letting us know about the two TPLO surgeries your dog had. I am hoping Riley will only have to have the one surgery, but I know the statistics are high for her to have to have both knees done.

We have 4 more days until the follow-up appointment and hopefully she'll be off of strict crate rest after then! Glad to hear your dog is fully recovered not even a year after his last surgery! I can't wait to have her happy and running around like the crazy dog she is again! :)

Congrats again on your big news!

Elyse and Riley

Tracy said...

!!! I am just now seeing this! Oh my goodness, congratulations! I am so happy for you both! You will be excellent parents. Can't wait to find out the gender!