Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Painting, In Progress

We have some painting going on at the new house this week. We've always done our own painting until this point, so this was a big deal for us to hire painters.

The two rooms we wanted to have painted are both large, 2-story rooms, so I (along with some help from BD's dad) convinced BD that it was very worth it to have someone come in and paint it.

BD got recommendations and estimates from several local painting companies. The company we selected sent a two man crew and are expecting the job to last 2 days. BD and I couldn't have even gotten the first coat on one room in 2 days!  

When they got here yesterday, there was more repair to be done on the walls than they were expecting (knocking drywall screwheads back into the wall, sanding, etc), so we think it's going to take them 2.5 days total.

 We've had our colors picked out for a while now, and we've been living with the swatches taped up in different areas to make sure we liked the colors. I usually take an "Eh, it's just paint; it can be repainted" approach to color selection. But when you're paying people to paint, it becomes a lot more important to get it right on the first try!

In the foyer we picked Martha Stewart Cement Gray (color matched in Behr paint) in an eggshell finish. For the den we chose Behr Teal Forest also in eggshell finish.

I was nervous about the den color. We knew it was going to be pretty dark on the walls, but with the tall ceilings and lots of natural light coming in through the windows we were hopeful that it wouldn't overpower the room. Also, we kinda just wanted a big change from the lighter neutrals we usually choose. 

And, boy, did we get a big change! This is just the first coat, and I think it looks fantastic. The room looks much warmer and cozier and the white trim really pops.

The flash of the camera caught all of the dust particles in the air from all the sanding they did to get the walls in shape.

Now that the major painting is going to be done, we can start hanging our things on the walls, so this place will really start to feel like our home!

Stay tuned for finished pictures!

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