Monday, November 14, 2011

Tales of the Tail: Fenced In

Kip's new backyard fence was finished last week. You have never seen a dog so happy about being off-leash; I wish I had a video of him. He bounded around the yard and sniffed every square inch and then raced around the perimeter as fast as he could.

The fence at our other house was wooden so he couldn't see out, so this is like a whole new world for him.

The side of the fence that attached to the house and faces the road is black ornamental aluminum.

The sides and back are black vinyl coated chain link.

The black blends in so well with the wooded lot that you probably have to look pretty closely to see it in these pictures.

The fenced in square footage is a little bigger than at our old house, but because the fence doesn't interrupt the line of sight, it seems way bigger.

Here's Kip christening his new yard.

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teg said...

I would die for a fence for my babies!!! :)