Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Decisions, decisions

The color in the main living areas of our new house is remarkably similar to the color of the main living areas in our current house. We obviously like the color but are ready for a change.

We've decided to go gray in the new house. Over the summer we painted one of the bathrooms in our current house light gray, and we really like how crisp it looks against the white trim.

The new house is full of white trim and big windows that let in a lot of light, so we're going to go with a darker shade of gray.

We grabbed a bunch of paint chips at Home Depot the other day and stuck them up on the wall at the new house. I always think choosing a paint color is so overwhelming -- just look at all of those grays!

Going with our initial reactions to narrow down the options, we eliminated about half. Yes, there are still 10 different paint chips up there -- I guess we have a broad definition of narrowed down.

Historically BD has always picked the paint colors that we really like in our current house. (My choices never look as good in reality as they do on the paint chip.) So I will defer to his final decision, but I'll say that my current favorites are the top 2 vertical rectangles in that photo. I'll let you know if one of those gets picked!

We would like to have at least the den painted before the furniture gets delivered on Friday, just so we wouldn't have to move furniture again to paint. Our ultimate goal is to paint the den and the foyer the same color. Both of those rooms are open to the second story, so that is a lot of painting! I'm pretty sure that plan is too ambitious given the amount of packing we still need to do at our current house before Friday.

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Tracy said...

Picking paint colors is HARD! Congrats on the new house! It looks beautiful!