Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is This...A Food Blog??

(Everyone that knows me in real life is laughing hysterically at the idea of me writing a food blog!)

With jobs that we don't leave until well after 5pm and a 35 minute commute, the slow cooker is my friend. I need food to be ready quickly when we get home, or we resort to picking up take out every night. Either that or we end up grazing on weird combinations of whatever we can rustle up out of the fridge/pantry.

Yesterday I threw 3 ingredients into the slow cooker that yielded a delicious result.

1# of stew meat plus a can of french onion soup and a can of cream of mushroom (yes, the dreaded "cream of"...apologies to my sister...) for 5 hours on low.

Food doesn't actually look that appetizing when it is in the slow cooker, does it?

Cooked some egg noodles quickly as soon as we walked in the door.

And, supper's on the table in 15 minutes. (A quick steam of green beans, tossed with lemon juice and black pepper made a nice side...)


teg said...

The slow cooker/crock pot is indeed a genius invention!!!

Tracy said...

Oh that looks yummy!