Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nest Watch 2011

On Friday morning of last week, when Kip, BD, and I got back from our early morning walk, we startled a bird that had been roosting on the front door basket wreath. We looked more closely and discovered she wasn't just roosting...she was building a nest.

I do not like birds (I don't trust those beady little eyes.), so me and my heart of stone wanted to rip the nest down immediately. Luckily for the bird, BD is much more nuturing than I am and vetoed my destructive plans.

By Saturday morning, we still hadn't been able to see what type of bird was building the nest. The wreath hangs on the glass storm door so she flutters off if you even walk near the front porch -- from outside or inside the house. We were finally able to catch a glimpse of her by leaving the front door open just a crack and peeking around it from across the room. If you look closely in this picture you can see it is a Robin.

Later in the day on Saturday we discovered she was building that nest with a purpose!

We read online that a normal robin brood is typically 3-5 eggs, so we were disappointed when we thought she only laid one egg.

Turns out she was just taking her time...

By Monday we were expecting triplets.

I think the current situation officially qualifies as a "flock"!

The internet says the eggs will hatch in 14 days, so we'll keep our eye on our newest tenants.


Peggy said...

You have done a great job of picture-taking!!! I'm afraid you really won't like birds if they hatch out and start cheeping for food. It can get pretty noisy!!! LOL!!

Holly said...

Wow, those are beautiful eggs!

teg said...

So pretty! And I'm glad your destructive plans were vetoed. :)
I really can't imagine how those eggs can come out of such a tiny bird...

Alice said...

i had no idea birds laid their eggs with so many BREAKS like that! i assumed they all popped out right at once :)