Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wait. What are we cheering for?*

Scene: Armstrong living room

BD: The wind is my least favorite element.

LA: Element? What do you mean?

BD: You know...element. Like the classic elements...Wind, Water, Fire, Earth...

LA: Isn't that a music group?

BD: That's Earth Wind and Fire.

LA: Oh...

LA: So, you're scared of the wind?

BD: I said it was my least favorite.

LA: Wait. How is Earth an element?

BD: :stunned silence:

BD: ...what?

LA: How is Earth an element? Isn't Earth like the container that houses all of the elements? How can it also be an element?

BD: OMG. NO, not Earth like the planet. Earth. Like GROUND. Like DIRT. Let's change the subject.

End Scene

*When we were in college, my bff Liz, BD, and I all went to a basketball game. Liz and BD were much more into sports than me, but I was doing my best to pay attention and participate. At one point, we were all standing up cheering; I was celebrating with the best of them - cheering, whistling, etc. After a minute I turned to Liz and BD and said, "Wait. What are we cheering for?"

To this day, over 10 years later, we all still use that phrase when someone usually me says something dumb.


Pickles and Dimes said...

HAHAHHAHA - Wait, what am I laughing at? :)

Peggy said...

Like Mother like daughter!!!