Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011 Spring Landscape Tour

We have some pretty things blooming in our flowerbeds this year. When you're walking up the driveway to the front door, you see the bed that runs along the sidewalk:

In this front corner, we planted snapdragons. They have bloomed out a lot more since I snapped these pics. The blooms are a really pretty orangey-yellow. None of them were bloomed out when we got them, so we had no idea what color they would turn out to be.

To the right around the corner, there are a few more snapdragons and then the daylillies start. And, of course, we still have those weird little miniature Christmas trees that BD loves. My mom validated his insistence that those things stick around by saying she liked them when she was visiting recently. So...thanks for that, Mama. ;)

Next, we have the daylillies that we planted last year. They have come back in so full and healthy this year! They will bloom a bit later in the summer.

More daylillies and the garden flag...

On the front steps I put asiatic lillies in pots. I've also put some ferns out since I took these pictures, so it doesn't look quite so blank up on the porch itself. One fern is hanging and one is in a planter by the door.

The Asiatic lillies are beautiful but that yellow pollen stains everything it touches! The bright green in the bottom of the pot is Creeping Jenny. I love that stuff and plant it every summer - it grows so fast!

On the right side of the house we have the rose bed. There are also loropetalum bushes and those greeny-yellow bushes (not the official name). This year BD trimmed up the Maple tree that is in the center of that flower bed, so the loropetalum bushes are getting more sun and blooming better.

You can also see our garden supervisor in the left-hand corner of this picture. That guy is always laying down on the job.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Oh, I love Asiatic lilies!!! I got some orange ones last summer that I'm not sure are going to come back up this year since a certain dog who shall remain nameless took to peeing on them at the end of Fall.

teg said...

Pretty! Love seeing Kip in the last photo :)