Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Stitches: Framed Projects

Last weekend I picked up two of my cross stitch pieces from the framer's. I showed the un-framed versions here and here.  

I chose to do this one with a solid black frame and no mat, since the piece itself is bright and busy. The frame does have some detail to it, but you can't see it in the photo.

This frame is red metal. It is the first metal frame I've used. I think it fits with this casual piece.

I had BD hang them in the stairway, where they can be seen from the den. I did the one on the bottom left several years ago. It has been hanging there, in a slightly different spot, by itself since I finished it.

They look off balance in these shots - it's hard to get a good picture in the stairway! - but they aren't really.

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