Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Measuring Time

A few weeks ago, BD and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, we bought ourselves a wall clock.

I often tell people that we are the oldest 30 year olds on the planet...we still get the newspaper delivered everyday; we still have a land line phone; we both wear wristwatches -- all things that people our age generally don't do, so I guess this just fits right in with that image. I'm pretty sure we are the youngest people that had darkened the door of the clock shop in a while.

The traditional 8 year anniversary gift is bronze, and while we generally don't follow those guidelines, it is a nice coincidence that the numbers and the hands on this clock are bronze.

We didn't have a whole lot to pick from in the key-wound chiming wall clock selection, so I was happy that we were able to find one that suits our style - simple and clean lines, not overly ornate. This is a Howard Miller clock.

We are still getting used to the tic-tocking and the chiming. I grew up with a chiming clock at my parents' house, so I know from experience that in a few days we won't even hear it. But when it woke me up at 4am this morning, I had serious doubts about this purchase. Luckily, it does have a silent mode if we get desperate.

The night we hung it and set the time on it was mildly traumatizing for Kip. After it gets wound and the time is set, it takes the clock a while to self-adjust and start chiming correctly. At :15 it chimes 4 notes, at :30 it chimes 8 notes, at :45 it chimes 12 notes, and on the hour it chimes the full 16 note Westminster chime and then strikes the number of hours. The first time it chimed was at 10pm. I was watching TV, BD was upstairs taking a shower, and Kip was asleep on the couch. Kip jolted off the couch when it started chiming and ran over to stare up at the clock. Then he ran around the corner of the couch and peeeeked over at the clock. After it stopped, he creeped out cautiously and stared at me indignantly. He adjusted pretty quickly - when it chimed again at 10:15, he didn't even open his eyes.


teg said...

Happy Anniversary! Trust me, Kip's fear could be more annoying. Imagine not being able to use your OVEN without sending your dog (in my case Bailey) into COMPLETE panic mode. Complete panic mode that lasts for at least an hour...

Melissa Guyton said...

Happy belated anniversary! Our
5th is tomorrow. The traditional gift is wood and we have decided to go with it. It is kinda fun to have guidelines. Hope y'all are doing well!