Saturday, March 5, 2011

What a Game/What a Season

Carolina beat Duke tonight in Chapel Hill to win the ACC regular season championship. The game was exciting and incredibly loud. My ears are still ringing. BD is hoarse from cheering. 

Cutest shirt I spotted: "Get rid of carbs - Flush a Dookie" - HAHAHAHA! I'm not sure if that really even makes sense, but it made me laugh.

The end to the regular season means we had to bid adieu to the fellow faithfuls in our section - The Yankee Yappers, The Personal Space Invader, Mr. My-Under-Armour-Shirt-Shows-Off-My-Man-Boobs, Mr. I-Haven't-Washed-My-Hair-Since-The-Last-Time-You-Saw-Me, and his wife Ms. Oh-Yes-You're-Going-To-See-My-Butt-Crack-At-Some-Point-During-The-Game.

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Mary Frances said...

Haha, I love your descriptions of the people who sit near you. Classic.