Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Merry Christmas in March

I have finally spent some of the money I got for Christmas.

I have always wanted a waffle iron and I plan to put this to good use on the weekends. It's a "3-in-one" so the waffle plates flip over to make a grill and a griddle space. Although I'm not sure what the difference is between a grill and a griddle? So I guess I'll need to figure that out at some point.

The slow cooker replaces our other one that we've had since we got married. The handle had broken off of it, so I had to either use pliers to turn it on and off or get BD to do it for me. It also didn't have a timer, so I couldn't use it during the week. Most recipes only cook in the slow cooker for 8 hours, and we are gone from the house longer than that each day. The new slow cooker can be set to cook for a certain amount of time and then it turns itself down to a warm setting. Fancy!

I've already used this several times, and it has worked well. It is wonderful to come home in the evenings and supper is already ready!

And now, for something more fun than kitchen appliances, some new clothes and a new pair of sandals for the spring! These are boc which is a Born company, so they have really comfortable footbeds. Bring on the warm weather!

These light colored trouser jeans looked "summery" to me.

And I always love anything with ruffles, so this shirt was perfect!

I still have a little bit of money left, so I think I may add these sandals to my collection.


Tracy said...

Ooooooh! Pretty, pretty things! You have excellent taste (always have). I would like to replace my slow cooker too with one that has a timer on it.
I think I'll hold off on new clothes for a little bit though, but I love what you picked out! Maybe you can be my personal shopper after this baby is born? And after I lose the 4,000 pounds I gained with her. :(

Fine For Now said...

Everything is so cute! I mean, not the slow cooker or waffle iron:-) But those are handy!