Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tales of the Tail: Oh, Happy Day!

Last night we all slept from 9pm - 3am, then up for meds and potty break, then back to sleep from 4am - 7:15am.

Kip started to feel better yesterday, much more like himself. Then he slept well last night which was just icing on the cake.

We made a few changes yesterday, so I'm not sure exactly which one worked, or maybe he is just feeling better in general, or maybe it is a combination of everything, but still...SLEEP, GLORIOUS SLEEP.

Today is day 5 since the surgery, and we're down to 2 Tramadols (pain) every 8 hours, 1 Carprofen (pain, inflamation), and 2 Cephalexins (antibiotic) every 12 hours.

He's starting to lick at the incision, which means it is starting to heal, but also means we have to stop every 3 seconds and physically make him stop licking. We have an inflatable e-collar, but he hates it so much that I don't want to put it on him unless I absolutely have to do it. He is scheduled to have the staples removed on Tuesday.

Right now, I'm working on my laptop in the den with him laying on his bed facing me.

Kip: lick, lick, lick
Me: Stop licking, Kip
Kip: (pauses mid-lick to look at me) lick, lick, lick
Me: Stop licking, Kip
Kip: (staring straight at me) lick, lick, lick
Me: STOP IT, Kip
Kip: lick, lick, lick
Me: (getting up off the couch) Kip, you can't lick the incision.
Kip: lick, lick, lick
Me: (two feet away from him) Seriously, Kip. STOP.
Kip: (looks up, as if he's just now heard me) :deep sigh: (lays head down)

Repeat scene.
Repeat scene.
Repeat scene.

LA's Boss: Why aren't you getting any work done?

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Tracy said...

Oh I'm so glad he's feeling better! And you know he is because I'm sure he's giving you the stink eye when you tell him not to lick the incision.
I always feel bad seeing a dog with the cone or inflatable collar, so I don't blame you for not wanting to put it on him. The only time Molly has had surgery and we used the cone collar she was PETRIFIED of it.