Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tales of the Tail: A (hopefully small) Setback

On Friday of last week Kip stopped using his newly repaired knee and went back to hopping around on 3 legs. He had been putting weight on it consistently for about a week at that point, so we were concerned. We were scheduled to see the specialist on Tuesday for his 4-week checkup, but unfortunately the doctor came down with the flu so the appointment was pushed back until Friday.

When we saw the doctor he said it looked as if there is an infection in Kip's knee. There is fluid on the joint from the infection which is causing pain. He said that it is most likely from Kip licking the incision while it was still open and healing. The good news is that the doctor was able to confirm that the repair itself is okay.

We're back on another 10-days of antibiotics to clear up the infection. Hopefully soon he'll be back on the mend again. He is resting comfortably and still in good spirits.

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