Friday, February 4, 2011

From the Archives of the Memory Card

This year for co-worker holiday gifts, I used an idea I saw in Southern Living magazines and made Spice Bags. These were simple to make and not super time consuming. I still made my usual holiday candies for some people (mostly the guys), but the spice bags were also a big hit. Plus our house smelled great during and after I made them!

First I started off with some orange peel,

and then some fragrant spices,

put them all together in a square of cheese cloth (tip: buy cheese cloth at the fabric store, not the grocery's much cheaper!),

wrap it up with pretty ribbon, attach a gift tag, and you're done!

There are several different ways the spice bag can be used - hot cider, syrup, etc - so I included the instructions on the back of each tag.

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