Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Visit from Flat Stanley

Recently BD and I participated in a Flat Stanley project with my nephew. His 2nd grade class read the book and then colored their very own Flat Stanley paper dolls. Flat Stanley came to us through the mail (since he's flat, after all!) and spent a week at our house.  He had traveled to us all the way from Texas, so we showed him a good North Carolina time all week. I took pictures of some of Flat Stanley's adventures, and Flat Stanley took the pictures and a letter that detailed his other activities back to Texas to share with the class.

Flat Stanley spent a day at work with me, took a nap with Kip, and of course cheered the Tar Heels on to a victory in the Smith Center.

The purpose of this activity is for the kids to learn about other areas, so in the letter we told the class about Flat Stanley's other adventures:

Dear [Nephew],

Thank you so much for sending Flat Stanley to visit me and Uncle [BD] in [Our Town], North Carolina. We had such a fun time showing him around our lovely state!

Did you know that North Carolina is over 1,000 miles from Texas? Flat Stanley traveled a long way to see us! In the western part of North Carolina there are mountains and a famous hiking trail called the Blue Ridge Parkway. In the eastern part of North Carolina there is the Atlantic Ocean and a long chain of islands called the Outer Banks. Uncle [BD] and I live right in the middle of North Carolina in a small town called [Our Town]. It is just north of the state capital which is Raleigh.

While Flat Stanley visited us we did many fun things! I have sent you some pictures of a few of his adventures. First, Flat Stanley came with us to a University of North Carolina basketball game. There were a lot of people at the game, and it was very loud inside the arena. Flat Stanley did a great job of cheering on the team, and they won! Next, Flat Stanley came with me to work at my job as a technical writer. He helped me work at my computer all day and write instructions for people who use the software that my company makes. It was a very long day, but Flat Stanley worked hard all day! Finally, after all of that hard work, Flat Stanley was very tired, so he took a nap with Kip.

Flat Stanley listened to lots of North Carolina bluegrass music during his visit. Bluegrass music is similar to country music. The musicians play instruments like the mandolin, banjo, and fiddle. Flat Stanley ate Krispy Kreme doughnuts which are made in North Carolina. He liked the chocolate covered doughnuts best!

The weather was very nice while Flat Stanley was visiting. Uncle [BD] took him to play golf and showed him how to putt the golf ball. Flat Stanley also played in our backyard with Kip. Kip loved to fetch a tennis ball that Flat Stanley threw for him!

As you can see, Flat Stanley had a great time on his adventures in North Carolina, but he is ready to get back to you and your classmates in Texas!


Pickles and Dimes said...

That is so awesome - what a fun project!!

Tracy said...

That is such a cute project! Your letter to your nephew was great and I'm sure he loved it!

btw - Yes, Trey is a third. :)