Thursday, November 11, 2010

High School Redeaux

Recently one of my friends celebrated her 30th birthday by throwing a "High School Spirit" party. We were instructed to come dressed as we would have been in high school. Unfortunately, I am fresh out of baby doll t-shirts and overalls, and BD didn't have time to grow his hair out to hang in his eyes.

So instead we went as private school preps:

I found this skirt for $7, and the other items we pieced together from our closet. For extra dorkiness, my skirt was actually a "skort" -- skirt in the front, shorts in the back.


Tracy said...

That's awesome! You look like the girls from Clueless... totally high school from our day. :)

Mary Frances said...

Haha, this is hilarious. And oh, did I love me some skorts back in the day. Also, is it really terrible that I *just* cleaned out my closet and got rid of my last pair of overalls? I'm pretty sure it's terrible.