Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tales of the Tail: The Fort

When Kip was a puppy, he loved to hide out under my bed. The bed was in the corner of my room, and he would get all the way under the farthest back corner of the bed and lay flat on his belly. I guess he felt safe and protected under there. He would eventually come army-crawling back out; I'd hear his little nails scratching on the carpet, pulling himself out. It was also his hiding spot whenever he got ahold of something he wasn't supposed to have; he'd run off with whatever and go scooting under that bed. It was both adorable and infuriating.

He's long outgrown fitting under the bed, but he still likes to squeeze himself into confined places. One of his favorite places is under our table; we call it his "fort."


teg said...

Zoe still fits under the bed, although she only goes under there when she is REALLY scared. She sometimes hangs out under the futon in the front room though. Glad to see Kip's hair is coming back in!!!!

Pickles and Dimes said...

So cute! Shorty sometimes goes under the bed or into my craft area, which is an old sink cupboard.