Monday, October 18, 2010

Oreo Cupcakes

BD's favorite flavor of ice cream is Cookies 'n Cream, so I recreated it in cupcake form using this recipe.

I have not had much success with made-from-scratch homemade cupcakes (they keep turning out dry and crumbly), so I was glad to see these started with a box cake mix.

Half an Oreo goes in the bottom of each paper cupcake liner. It's like a little Oreo surprise at the bottom of the cupcake!

BD crushed the Oreos for the batter; I wanted it to be practically crumbs in the batter instead of large chunks. I thought this worked well since there was an intact half cookie at the bottom.

These didn't rise much, so you can fill the liners pretty full without them overflowing. I had enough batter for 24 medium cupcakes.

I mixed up the butter cream frosting while the cupcakes baked. Butter cream frosting is my favorite! The recipe calls for the remaining Oreos to go in the frosting. I just used them as a garnish instead.

If you are not a super-sweet fan, these would also be really good with no frosting.

After they cooled, I frosted them

and then topped with Oreos.

These were really good on the day of baking and the day after, but by day 3 the Oreo on the bottom was starting to get soggy. Not that it stopped us from eating them, of course!

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