Saturday, October 23, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

BD and I have lived in our house since it was built a little over 6 years ago. This is definitely what you would call a "starter house," and most of the materials used were builder grade. We have taken good care of everything, but we are beginning to see some wear in the flooring. The carpet has stretched and wrinkled in a few places. The sheet vinyl in the kitchen has some nicks and is beginning to look worn.

Recently we've been researching flooring options and visiting local flooring companies to look at products. It's tricky to pick the right materials; we want a quality product that we will enjoy, but we also don't want to over-invest based on the value of our house.

We're finally to the point where we've decided what products we want to use and where, now we're down to the stressful fun part: picking out colors.

In the kitchen/dining area, we're doing 16" vinyl tile. Here are a few of the options against our kitchen cabinets which are a honey colored oak.

We are also considering this darker one because of our dark countertops.

And here they are against the wall color in the kitchen (a khaki/tan color).

In the den we are doing a laminate wood product. I had originally turned my nose up to the idea of a laminate instead of a hardwood. But the more we've looked at them, the more impressed I've become - especially with the newer hand-scraped versions. Not to mention the fact that they are half the price and twice as durable as hardwood.

This is showing where the laminate will meet the vinyl tiles.

Here are the options against the wall color in the den (same wall color as the kitchen).

And here they are right inside the front door.

Of course, it all takes on different shades of the color based on where in the room we're looking at them. Right now we are leaning towards one of the lighter tiles and one of the medium tone laminates.


Holly said...

If you are going to have children in this house, the darker tile will not show as much stuff.

Mary Frances said...

Oh my gosh. There are SO many options. I do not envy your decision (though I totally envy the fact that you have a house and are in the position to MAKE a decision!).

I also lean towards a lighter tile, but that's just me. And I think you're really smart to go with laminate - especially with Kip (or maybe Kip is really gentle on your floors...I just know that our dogs are NOT). My favorite laminate is the one at the top right of the bottom picture, but I think that all of them are lovely. Yay redecorating! I can't wait to see the finished product!