Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tales of the Tail: Patiently Waiting (for now)

Kip's little internal clock alerts him every day when 6pm rolls around, and he begins to let us know that it's "Time for supper, humans." He will wait patiently by his bowl for a few minutes, staring at us with unblinking eyes. If we do not bend to his will quickly enough, he starts to paw at his food bowls and will eventually come and put his head in my lap and wag his tail.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Ha ha - cute! He looks like he's smiling in that photo!

We have that gravy you can add to a dog's food, and we give it to Shorty sparingly (so sparingly that our last bottle expired before we used it all), but every once in awhile, after we give him his dry food, he will stare down at it, look back at me, start wagging his tail, and then pointedly look at the cupboard where the gravy is.

Tracy said...

Oh goodness, Molly is just not that patient. The MINUTE I walk in the door from work every day she thinks it's time to eat. She will follow me around the house while I change clothes, go the bathroom, try and start dinner... she is NOT having it. The whining commences and then I give in. She scarfs it down like she hasn't eaten in a year. :)

teg said...

Aww! How could you refuse him! :)
If I touch the food container Zoe goes apeshit and jumps up so high she reaches above my waist. She does love to eat!