Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tales of the Tail: It's Been A Tough Year

Aren't mutts supposed to be heartier and healthier than the fancy pure-breed dogs?! Apparently Kip did not get that memo. First, he had major knee surgery in January. And yesterday he spent the entire day at the emergency clinic.

When we picked him up from the kennel on Monday, they told us they had noticed a little blood on his shoulder but couldn't see where the blood was coming from and had cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide. That has historically been one of his "hot spot" areas, so we assumed he had been nervous and scratched a sore. We got home and clipped the hair back a bit and realized there was a HOLE in his skin. The area around the wound was swollen, and he was pretty lethargic during the evening and restless during the night. (The fact that the kennel staff didn't notice it was more than "a little blood" or know how it happened is a story for another post.)

We called our local vet's office first thing on Tuesday morning, only to discover that the vet was on vacation. So we ended up at the emergency clinic in Durham. They shaved and cleaned the area and confirmed that it was definitely not something he did to himself by scratching and it was infected. Kip stayed during the day for them to sedate him and stitch up the wound and insert a drain to eliminate the absess.

He was pretty loopy when we got him home yesterday evening, but he's more like himself today. The drain tube should be ready to come out on Saturday; our regular vet will do that procedure.

In the meantime, he's on oral antibiotics and pain meds, and our carpet is covered with every towel and bedsheet we own to keep the fluid off our floor.

Poor's a picture of the damage. You can see the bigger wound is stitched up then the drain (surgical tubing) is held in place beside it with two additional stitches. The tube runs under his skin and comes out lower on his side. It works by gravity wicking out the fluid around the tube. And, is as disgusting as it sounds.


Mary Frances said...

Oh, poor Kip! Feel better soon!

Pickles and Dimes said...

Poor Kip! Did the vet have any idea of what could have caused it? A bite from another dog, maybe?

Melissa said...

Oh, no! Poor thing! He has definitely been a trooper this year. I hate it when pets are sick because they can't tell you what hurts or how it happened. Hope he feels better soon!

Katie said...

Omgosh! Can you email me the name of the kennel so I avoid it? I am in Raleigh but fairly close to Durham.

I hope your little guy feels better soon!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh! Kip! Poor punkin. He has had such a tough year. :( Tally and I had a rough morning on our walk. She got bit by a pitbull as we were walking by them. Doesn't seem to have caused too much damage but she's on antibiotics and antiinflamitories just to be on the safe side. I'm so sorry about Kip and drainage. Hopefully he's quick to heal!!!

teg said...

Poor Kip! I hear your pain. Bailey was always prone to "skin tags" which occasionally became infected. I remember one night in particular, alone in the emergency vet, listening to him wail while they pressure-washed the infection out of one of his wounds. It was terrible. I really hope Kip feels up to par very soon. Give him a kiss for me.

Nikki said...

Poor Kip! This has not been his year! I hope you get to the bottom of what happened. Keep us posted! Oh, LOVE the hair!