Monday, August 16, 2010

Before and After

After 6 years of living in our house and accumulating stuff, I have decided it is time for a clean out. Our house has lots of storage space for a small house, so we've had plenty of room to stash away junk our belongings and forget about it. I am planning to work my way through all of the storage spaces little by little this fall.

Over the weekend I started with the shelves over our washer/dryer, under the sink the in half-bath downstairs, and the pantries in the kitchen. I didn't think to take pictures of the w/d shelves and bathroom, which is a shame since BD uses those as an extension of the garage and I found all kinds of interesting stuff hiding in there.

Here is the small pantry in the kitchen, where we store food items:



And here is the big pantry under the stairs, where we store small appliances, cookbooks, paper goods, etc. I wish I would've gotten a close-up picture of the spice rack (on the wall to the right); it was out of control. BD went through and threw away everything that was expired. The winner went to a jar of red pepper that expired in :ahem: 2005. I'm not one to throw away spices the day after the expiration date, but I think 5 years is pushing it just a bit.



Up next: under the kitchen sink and the bathrooms (cabinets, drawers, and linen closets) upstairs!

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Mary Frances said...

Awesome! Don't you just love before and after organizational shots? Sigh. So beautiful.