Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Confession: I am a Wanter. I constantly have a mental list of all the things I'd buy if I were spending someone else's money. Luckily for my bank account (and my marriage), I very rarely actually buy anything off this list.

Here's what I'm currently wanting:

A new vacuum cleaner. This one I may actually buy in the near future because I've figured out a way to bring the price down to a reasonable range, using credit card reward points and a rebate offer. Vacuuming is not one of my favorite things to do, but everyone that has one raves about how well it does with pet hair.

A bread machine. I have romantic ideas of making fresh, homemade bread. The machine does make a trip to the grocery store to buy all the necessary ingredients and then makes the bread itself, right?

A new smale-scale sectional couch. I'd like to do some rearranging of the furniture in our den, and I think a sectional couch (although maybe not this exact one below) would help open up our small space and make it feel bigger.
And what goes well with the new furniture? A flat screen TV, of course!And, finally (and most reasonably) running shorts to replace my current $6 Target specials.

What are you currently wanting?

[Images courtesy of Amazon, Rooms To Go, Panasonic, Zappos.]


Emily said...

I have a Dyson and I am in LOVE with it. I have the little baby Ball version because my house is to wee I must buy all things that are tiny in scale. It is fantastic on all the Tally hair. Man does she shed like crazy. So I say "Go spend. You will love!"

Tracy said...

Last week Best Buy had the 55" LG Flat Screen TV (with Internet Ready access) on sale for $1,814.00. We had just bought ours the weekend before for $1999.00 so we came running back in with our receipt and they paid us the difference! Of course we could not walk out of there with the cash, so with the difference we bought a blue ray player and a new movie to test it out. Lauren has her Daddy wrapped around her pinky because we walked out of there with the new Tinkerbell movie. :) Gotta love that!

Swistle said...

We use our bread machine almost exclusively for pizza dough. It is so neat: we just put in the stuff and VOILA! Pizza dough, all kneaded and stuff!

Melissa said...

I want the stomach of that girl modeling the running shorts. :)

Love the new haircut, by the way! You have always been so brave with your hair and it turns out great everytime!