Sunday, July 11, 2010

Updates, Bullet Style

*I finally (finally!) finished grad school at the end of June. My last class was challenging - a 5 week summer session Project Management class, but I did it! I now have a Master's of Science in Technical Communication. I have no idea what this means for my career.

*The summer has been hot and dry so far. We've spent a lot of time watering flowers, and the A/C is constantly running.

*We have a mini-vacation planned for ourselves later this month. We're headed up to ride the roller coasters at Busch Gardens in VA.

*I had 6 inches chopped off of my hair recently. I'm thinking of cutting more soon.

*BD has been fishing at the ponds in our neighborhood every weekend. He says the mosquitos are bigger than the fish he catches, but he's having fun.

How's your summer?


Peggy said...

Our summer is about like yours, maintaining the yard. We want pictures of the haircut!!

teg said...

I've been cutting my hair shorter and shorter as well. It's very curly - which I can't stand - so the shorter it is the easier it is to straighten. Watering non-stop also. My hydrangea requires a river of water every day I swear. Congrats on finishing your degree!!!

Tracy said...

When do we get to see this new hair-do? :)