Saturday, July 10, 2010

i'm baaaa-aaack!

Hello, Internet! I'm finally back in action with a brand new camera! We tried to get our old camera repaired, but at 3.5 years old - which is approximately 967 in technology years - it just wasn't really fixable. And have you shopped for digital cameras lately? There are waaaaay too many choices. So, being the terribly indecisive people we are, it took us 4 weeks to pick out and order a new one. camera: it is here. And life is good.

BD snapped a good shot of the hummingbirds visiting one of our feeders. Those little boogers are hard to catch on camera!

I tried to get a few shots of The Photogenic One, but he wasn't really feeling the photo shoot.

Although Kip wasn't really feeling the photo shoot, otherwise he is feeling great - thanks to those of you who've asked about him! July 1 was six months from his surgery. His knee is totally healed, and he is doing really well. He runs with us each morning and shows no sign of any soreness. We do try to keep him from jumping to protect the knee and prevent the other one from being damaged, but there's really no stopping him when he sees a squirrel!


teg said...

Kip looks great! So glad he's got the spring back in his step. My family and I have had a rough time with doggies lately, but Zoe is still hangin' tough and enjoying the fact that she doesn't have to compete for my attention. Glad you're back!

Pickles and Dimes said...

Is that Kip's Care Bear? Because if it is? That. Is. Awesome. :)