Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've got the itch for a new 'do. Those of you who know me well realize that this is nothing new. I am thinking of a big change -- a really short pixie cut. I saw this ad of Ginnifer Goodwin in a Lucky magazine, and it has inspired my recent case of hair lust.

Here is another picture of her that I found online:

I think this looks absolutely fabulous on her -- so cute and spunky. But, the big question is...can *I* pull off this look? I am usually pretty fearless when it comes to hair; it is just hair, after all. It will certainly grow back if I hate it. But, I also have to wake up with this hair every day!

Here is a recent picture of me.

My hair is natually very thick and slightly wavy. I'm currently using a round brush and the hair dryer to straighten the slight waves. I have had short hair before but never quite as short as I'm considering this time.

I have visions of all the dangly earrings and decorative hair clips I could show off with this 'do, but I'm wondering if it would really flatter my facial features? Or when I look in the mirror would I only see huge ears and a pointy nose? I always encourage other people to cut their hair when they're contemplating it -- but it's a lot easier to provide support from the sidelines than to be the one sitting in the chair!

So, Internet...what do you think?


teg said...

I did the "Felicity" hair chop back in the late 90s and kept up with it for a while. Growing it back out was a bitch! My hair is VERY naturally curly - CRAZY curly. Curlier than Keri Russell even. I will personally never cut my hair anywhere near that short again. The NC humidity prevents me from going too far above the shoulder. Having said that, if my hair was straight I would probably keep it pixie short all the time. Go for it!!!

Tracy said...

I think you should go for it too! I want to live vicariously through your hair styles. You are my hair hero. You know I am a hair ninny. I think you could totally pull it off!

Peggy said...

I think you should cut it short, but I'd be careful about a pixie. The hairstylist might have to thin it so much that it might backfire on you. But I LOVE you in the short hairstyle you had when Holly got married; so maybe something like that without all of the trouble that hairstyle entailed. Mama