Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day Treats

I need to apologize in advance for my sad lack of photography skills that are on display in the post. But hey, if anyone feels compelled to buy me a nicer camera or give free lessons, I'm definitely up for that!

For V-Day, I decided a fun new recipe for BD to try would be a great gift. (You call me cheap -- I say creative!)

I traced heart templates onto parchment paper for the shape.

And piped in partially dyed red cookie dough. Partially dyed because I didn't realize exactly how much 1 oz of red food coloring really is and didn't have enough to go bright red. (Hint: those little bottles that you buy in a 4 pack at the grocery store are only .25 oz!) Strangely enough, they seemed to get redder as they cooled. But that might have just been my wishful thinking.

If you looked at the recipe from the link, you'll notice it says to use a pastry bag with a pastry tip for piping. Secret: I never use pastry bags. I always, always use a ziplock bag and just snip off a corner to the size I need. It works perfectly for what I do, although it probably wouldn't work if you were doing really fancy stuff. The toughest part is making sure you get all of the air out of the bag before you start.

Hahaha - I just realized that this looks eerily like some sort of internal organ lying on my stovetop.

Moving on...

After the cookies were cooled, I matched them up and iced them.

(Side note: if I make these again I will use buttercream icing instead of cream cheese. Well, BD said he liked the cream cheese, so I'll do half and half. I would have preferred buttercream. I thought the cream cheese kind of had a weird tang compared to the sweetness of the cookie.)

And voila! Heart-shaped reddish-brown Valentine's sandwich cookies!

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