Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late Winter Decorating

I am about to make a statement that is going to shock you. I have no formal interior design training. See, I told you...shocking!

But that doesn't stop me from enjoying decorating my house. I like to change things up pretty often - not major pieces of furniture, but I like to switch out accessories to give things a fresh look. I'm not concerned that my house look like it came out of a magazine; I want my house to reflect our personalities and look lived-in and fun.

Lately I've been playing with the arrangement on the mantle. Winter - after Christmas but before spring - is always a challenging time for me to come up with something that looks appropriate. I decided to try out an asymmetrical look for a change. Here is my current attempt:

I didn't have the clock up there for a few days - it is way too small scale to sit there, but it drives me crazy to not know the time!

Another thing I like to do is have a seasonal wreath on the front door. This time I chose cherry blossoms. I know technically cherry trees bloom in the spring, but I thought the white flowers looked wintery.

I thought the bare branches on the edges also help it look like winter.


Fine For Now said...

Pretty wreath! I always like what you do :)

Peggy said...

very pretty; you must have inherited your good taste from someone with EXCELLENT taste!! LOL!! Mama