Saturday, February 6, 2010

BD's 30th Birthday Celebration

A few weekends ago BD and his dad headed out to Breckenridge, CO to celebrate BD's 30th birthday. I was originally scheduled to go on this trip, but Kip couldn't go to the kennel because of his knee surgery, so I stayed home to dog sit, and RD went in my place.

Breck is one of BD's very favorite places to ski, and they had really cold but good ski weather all weekend.

I sent BD with specific instructions to take lots of pictures since I couldn't be there.
And, apparently they decided to join a ski gang.

BD also got to see them de-ice the plane when he connected flights in Minneapolis. I think this might've been the highlight of his trip; there were more pictures of this on the camera than anything else.

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teg said...

You're a good woman for staying home with your patient! Glad BD got to go skiing anyway.