Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heard Around the House

Scene: BD is doing laundry downstairs. He comes upstairs where I am doing school work in the study...

BD: Look at this! [Presents a pair of his socks that are now clean and dry, with a pair of my still-soaking-wet socks balled up inside his.]

LA: What? My feet were cold! I put on a pair of your socks over mine to keep them warm.

BD: And you didn't bother to untangle the two when you took them off?

LA: Ummm...

BD: Only you, darlin'...only you.

LA: Your life would be so boring without me in it.

BD: Yes, but the laundry would get done faster.

1 comment:

Alice said...

hee, i'm so bad abotu that. i KNOW that taking the .0005 seconds to un-ball my socks before putting them in the hamper will help me in the long run.. and yet.. i never do.