Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday

L & LA, fall 2000

This is me and my roommate, L, during our junior year of college. Actually we weren't roommates anymore when this photo was taken. We lived together our freshman and sophomore years in the dorm. We both moved off-campus our junior year and, for various reasons, lived with other people. We worked together at our on-campus job and got in trouble a lot with our weirdo boss for talking too much.


L and C said...

Good gracious, would you look at how big my hair was??

Jamie said...

Hi! Apologies for the random blog comment, but I'm writing you from CSN to see if you might be interested in either a blog giveaway or reviewing something on your blog from one of our stores. The email address in your profile doesn't seem to be working. Feel free to contact me at with ATTN: Jamie in the subject. Thanks for your time!